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Macopharma Phlebotomy Bag
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TheraSafe Therapeutic Phlebotomy Solution. Click Here to learn more

Blood Collection Monitor

Automatic Clamp

Pedestal Stand and Pole

Dry Collection Bag

DonorCare Needle Guard

TheraSafe Therapeutic Phlebotomy Solution. Click Here to learn more

Start performing a therapeutic phlebotomy with the GenesisBPS line of products.

Increase patient safety while performing therapeutic blood draws when using the GenesisBPS digital blood collection monitor, model CM350, to increase accuracy and monitor blood flow.

Blood Collection Monitor
Item # 425-CM350  
Digital Blood Collection Scale

Pedestal Stand and Pole
Item # 425-101-052
Monitor pole stand

Product Overview
• Electronically monitors and measures blood flow and volume
• Automatically clamps tubing when target volume is achieved
• Rechargeable battery provides up to 50 hours of service

Disposable supplies for performing a therapeutic phlebotomy

Terumo Dry Collection Bag
Item # 4T-1BB*D606A 
600ml capacity, 16 gauge ultra-thinwall donor needle, 100/case

DonorCare Needle Guard
Item # 4T-8-A100100 
For use with blood collection sets. Safety device reduces risk of needle stick injury, 1000/case

Macopharma Phlebotomy Bag
• Collection bag (600 ml) in PVC
• Available with luer-lock connection
• Available with 16-gauge needle pre-assembled with safety protector
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TheraSafe Therapeutic Phlebotomy Solution
Offering a graduated therapeutic phlebotomy bag for use without a digital scale. The set provides safety features for both the patient and healthcare provider. Click here to learn more.

What is a Phlebotomy?

Phlebotomy is a procedure that removes blood from the body. Regular phlebotomy treats people who have too much iron in their blood, such as with hemochromatosis, or who are producing too many red blood cells, such as with polycythemia.

Removing blood regularly decreases iron levels in the body by reducing the number of iron-rich red blood cells. To learn more about phlebotomies and how to utilize the Genesis line of products, call 201-708-1400 to speak with a GenesisBPS order consultant.